What are the different types of aligner and retainer sheets available at Taglus?

Taglus offers three distinct types of aligner sheets: Taglus Premium, Taglus PU Flex, and Taglus Standard. Taglus has its patented retainer sheet, “Taglus Tuff.”

Can you tell me more about Taglus's global distribution network? In which countries are your products currently available?

Taglus maintains an extensive distribution network spanning across more than 103 countries worldwide. For detailed information about our global distribution presence, please contact us via email at or on WhatsApp at +91-9930905047.

What is the standard thickness for Taglus retainer material, and are there other thickness options available?

Taglus proudly presents its patent-pending retainer material “Taglus Tuff”, with an ultra-thin profile of just 0.8 mm in thickness. It exhibits a remarkable resilience of load cycles of minimum 720 placement and removal of retainer.

If you require a different thickness, Taglus can accommodate requests for a 0.9 mm thickness, with availability dependent on the quantity needed.

What does the peel-away dual protective mask do?

All the Taglus sheets are covered on both sides with an ultra-thin layer of protective covering. This peel-away dual protective masking needs to be removed after the thermoforming procedure along with trimming and polishing into an aligner/retainer. It shields the aligner/retainer from getting exposed to dust and other substances that can affect its surface. Thus, the optical clarity is preserved forming an ultra-clear final product.

How can I access pricing information for Taglus materials? Is there a downloadable price list available for convenience?

Certainly! To view our pricing details, please click on the following link to download the price list.

Does Taglus provide Polyurethane (PU) sheets?

Absolutely! You can explore our range of Taglus PU Flex sheets by clicking on the following link: Click Here

What PETG sheet options does Taglus provide?

Taglus offers two distinct types of PETG aligner sheets: “Taglus Premium” and “Taglus Standard,” in addition to “Taglus Tuff,” which is specifically designed for retainers.

What is the shelf life of Taglus sheets?

The shelf life of Taglus sheets is 03 years, provided that the vacuum-packed packaging remains secured and unopened.

Which thermoforming units are compatible with Taglus materials?

To find detailed information about the compatibility of Taglus materials with various thermoforming units, please click on the following link:
Click Here

Which 3D Printers are compatible with Taglus 3D Printing Resin?

For a comprehensive list of 3D printers that are compatible for Taglus 3D printing resin, please visit the following link:
Click Here

Where is your company located?

Taglus is headquartered in Mumbai, India. For additional information, please feel free to contact us via email at or through WhatsApp at +91-9930905047.

What is Taglus PU Flex and what are its characteristics?

Taglus PU Flex is an ultra-clear and durable homogeneous polyurethane aligner material with alternate flexible and rigid segments. It has enhanced shape memory that applies up to 20% extra initial orthodontic force than other aligner materials and accelerates the treatment time up to 50%.

What is Taglus Premium and what are its characteristics?

Taglus Premium is an ultra-transparent PETG aligner sheet emitting 91% of the light that supports complex & transverse tooth movement. Taglus Premium has high break strength (up to 59 MPa) and has up to 400% break elongation, which signifies that it does not break even if it loses its limit of elasticity.

What is Taglus Standard and what are its characteristics?

Taglus Standard is a multifunctional PETG sheet that can be used as an aligner or retainer material for surgical splints. Its light transmission percentage is 90%, making it optically clear.

What is Taglus Tuff and what are its characteristics?

Taglus Tuff is the patent-pending thinnest retainer sheet with 0.8mm thickness. It has a tensile modulus up to 1500 MPa which provides enhanced flexibility for patient comfort and sustains minimum load cycles of 720 of placement and removal of retainer ( 4 per day x 30 days x 6 months = 720). In addition, the significantly high break strength of up to 59 MPa keeps the ultra-clear PETG retainer sheet from breaking and thus proves to be the most durable and comfortable retainer material ever.

What are the various commercially available shapes of sheets I can find in Taglus?

Taglus offers a diverse range of sheet shapes, including Round, Square, and Arch Form sheets. Additionally, we provide sheets in Roll form, which is commonly used with Automated Thermoforming Machines.

What are the different dimensions and thickness options for Taglus Sheets?

Taglus provides a versatile selection of sheet dimensions and thicknesses to cater to a variety of applications. Here’s a summary of the options they offer:

Round Sheets:

Diameter available:

Square Sheets:

Dimensions available:
120mm x 120mm
125mm x 125mm

Thickness Range:
Taglus sheets are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 2.00mm.

Additionally, they offer customizable “Run-to-Size” dimensions to meet your specific needs.

Which working codes are compatible with Taglus sheets?

Taglus sheets can be effectively used with a variety of commercially available thermoforming units.

You can find the working codes for your thermoforming machine in our product catalogue by following this link:Click Here

If you cannot find the working code for your thermoforming machine in the catalogue, we recommend contacting us via email at for further assistance.

What is Taglus Model Resin and what are its characteristics?

Taglus (why suddenly Taglus is completely in upper case, Please use Taglus) Model Resin is a material based on acrylate/methacrylate for DLP with 385 nm/405 nm LED & LCD system for the production of 3D dental models. It is a high-precision & high-accuracy resin with a smooth matte surface finish, perfect for dental model making. The resin has high dimensional and break stability & it is resistant to abrasion and moisture.

Does Taglus provide square-shaped sheets?

Yes, Taglus offers square-shaped sheets, and they are available in all variants of sheets.

What is Taglus Arch, and what makes it unique?

Taglus Arch is a ground breaking, patent-pending aligner and retainer sheet that stands out due to its innovative arch-shaped design. What sets it apart is its remarkable ability to reduce plastic waste by nearly 30% and offer a cost-saving advantage of 25% per aligner/retainer, all thanks to its unique shape. This initiative aligns our products with the principles of sustainability, as we strive to harmonize teeth alignment with the preservation of nature.

How Taglus Arch Sheets Can Be Used? Which Thermoforming Machines Are Compatible with Taglus Arch Sheets?

Taglus Arch Sheets require a specialised “Taglus Arch Adaptor Kit” and can be managed similarly to round sheets. Taglus Arch Adaptor Kit is specifically designed for use with either the MiniSTAR S or Biostar thermoforming machines.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend using our newly launched thermoforming machine, the “Duoform,” which was specially designed for Taglus Arch Sheets while still accommodating round sheets with a diameter of 125 mm.

For further details about the “Taglus Duoform” thermoforming machine, contact us at +919930905047.

You can buy the Taglus Arch Adaptor Kit online at [Insert Link to Purchase Kit] or place an order by emailing us at

Beyond Aligners and Retainer Materials, What Other Orthodontic Solutions Does Taglus Provide?

In addition to aligners and retainer materials, Taglus offers a diverse array of orthodontic solutions, including 3D printing model resin, automated thermoforming rolls, and various other orthodontic accessories.

Moreover, we are proud to introduce our proprietary thermoforming machines – “Taglus Autoform” and “Taglus Duoform.”

To learn more about the “Taglus Autoform” & “Taglus Duoform” thermoforming machines, please get in touch with us at +919930905047.

What is Taglus Automated Thermoforming Rolls and what are its characteristics?

Taglus aligners and retainer rolls are the best options if you are using automated thermoforming machines. Validated by HAMER and ALVY Systems, they are available in a wide range of thicknesses, dimensions, and materials according to the needs of the aligner company. Taglus rolls aim to increase production capacity while reducing material costs by up to 73%.

Which orthodontic accessories does Taglus offer?

Taglus provides a selection of orthodontic accessories, including:

Retainer Boxes: Our retainer boxes can be customized with your logo, offering a personalized touch for your patients.

Aligner Removal Tools: These tools are designed to assist in the easy and safe removal of aligners, enhancing the orthodontic experience for patients.

Aligner Chewies: Aligner chewies help seat aligners properly and ensure a snug fit for effective orthodontic treatment.

Does Taglus offer volume discounts for larger orders?

Yes, we offer volume discounts to accommodate larger orders. To learn more about these discounts, please contact us at +91-9930905047.

Where can I download Material Safety Data Sheets for all Taglus Products?

You can check the “MSDS” option under the Resource Tab on the Website.

Where can I check all the certifications held by Taglus?

You can Click Here to View all the certifications held by Taglus.

Where can I download the Taglus product catalogue?

Click Here to download a PDF version of our Taglus product catalogue.

Where can I download Instruction for Use (IFUs) for all Taglus Products?

You can check the “Instructions for Use” option under the Resource Tab on the Website.

Are Taglus sheets clinically tested? How safe it is to use in the mouth?

All the Taglus sheets have passed biocompatibility testing, namely Skin Sensitization, in vitro Cytotoxicity and Skin Irritation test as a regulatory requirement for demonstrating the preclinical safety of medical devices; this is evaluated by the standard guidelines published by the “US FDA Use of International Standard ISO 10993-1,” “Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process” which can be assessed at, issued on September 4th, 2020 and originally published on 16th, June 2016.

To ensure your safety to use Taglus products click here to download the test reports.

What should I do if I encounter an issue with my Taglus product?

If you come across any issues with your Taglus product, please don’t hesitate to report it. You can easily do so by sending an email to Our team is here to assist you with any concerns you may have.

How do I contact Taglus for product inquiries or support?

For product inquiries or support, please feel free to reach out to us through email at or via WhatsApp at +91-9930905047. Our team is here to assist you.