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Most Innovative Thermoforming Sheets

Taglus is the ONLY TRUSTED BRAND across more than 100+ Countries for manufacturing PU & PETG Thermoforming Rolls

We strive to make

The Most Efficient Products

Taglus began with a goal to provide innovative aligners and retainer solutions for dental labs and practices worldwide.

Our thermoforming sheets underwent 68+ mechanical and biocompatibility tests combined, thus ensuring ISO 10993 compliance.

Revolutionise with


With high YIELD STRENGTH & TENSILE MODULUS, “Taglus PU Flex” polyurethane thermoforming sheets reduce your patient per aligner wear to 7 days.

The most revolutionary

Thinnest Retainer Sheets of 0.8 mm

That provides maximum comfort, compliance and strength. Taglus Tuff  has 18X stronger Izod impact strength than other aligner materials, providing better durability.

We Believe In

Aligning Teeth, Retaining Nature!

Taglus Arch is the latest innovation in our series of products that save up to 30% of plastic waste per appliance due to its unique dental arch shape.

Creating Innovation

In the Best Environment

Taglus thermoforming sheets are fabricated in an ISO Certified & FDA registered facility spread accross 40,000 sqft.

Creating Innovation

In the Best Environment

We are the only company to make PU & PETG aligner & retainer sheets with internationally recognised certifications and quality assurance.

Our Model Resin is

Where Precision Meets Perfection

It provides a high-end replica due to stains, moisture and abrasion resistance.  

Aligner & Retainer Sheets

Why Taglus?

Taglus is a global industry leader in manufacturing innovative dental aligners and post-treatment retainer thermoplastic sheets. These blanks are made using cutting-edge technology and quality liquid resins for 3D printing. International quality assurance certifications of these materials confirm their high standards.

Dual Protective Masking

The moisture and scratch-resistant masks ensure no damage to the sheets.

Punch Cut Sheets

Taglus Sheets are precise and have even margins due to the punch-cutting technique.

Laser Printed UDI ID

The unique laser-printed ID code makes identifying and sorting the sheets easier.


The Vacuum-Packed pouches ensure safety from moisture while enhancing the product’s shelf life.